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<!-- customize labels of -->


// This code goes ABOVE the main HTML Comment Box code!

// replace the text in the single quotes below to customize labels.

hcb_user = {

// L10N

comments_header : 'Comments',

name_label : 'Name',

content_label: 'Enter your comment here',

submit : 'Comment',

logout_link : '<img title="log out" src="//" alt="[logout]" class="hcb-icon"/>',

admin_link : '<img src="//" alt="[login]" class="hcb-icon"/>',

no_comments_msg: 'No one has commented yet. Be the first!',

add:'Add your comment',

again: 'Post another comment',

rss:'<img src="//" class="hcb-icon" alt="rss"/> ',


prev_page:'<img src="//" class="hcb-icon" title="previous page" alt="[prev]"/>',

next_page:'<img src="//" class="hcb-icon" title="next page" alt="[next]"/>',



website_label:'website (optional)',




subscribe:'email me replies',

are_you_sure:'Do you want to flag this comment as inappropriate?',

reply:'<img src="//"/> reply',

flag:'<img src="//"/> flag',

like:'<img src="//"/> like',


days_ago:'days ago',

hours_ago:'hours ago',

minutes_ago:'minutes ago',

within_the_last_minute:'within the last minute',


msg_thankyou:'Thank you for commenting!',

msg_approval:'(this comment is not published until approved)',

msg_approval_required:'Thank you for commenting! Your comment will appear once approved by a moderator.',

err_bad_html:'Your comment contained bad html.',

err_bad_email:'Please enter a valid email address.',

err_too_frequent:'You must wait a few seconds between posting comments.',

err_comment_empty:'Your comment was not posted because it was empty!',

err_denied:'Your comment was not accepted.',



MAX_CHARS: 2048,

PAGE:'', // ID of the webpage to show comments for. defaults to the webpage the user is currently visiting.

RELATIVE_DATES:true // show dates in the form "X hours ago." etc.



<!-- done customizing labels of -->